White Papers

Price Tracking & Setting

The complexity of pricing lies in the fact that your sales territory is usually not a single, Read More..

Margins Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice to not just track your margins via financial systems in place, Read More..

Field Event Driven Intelligence

Battles are being fought in the field, and you are looking for the tool for,Read More..

Promotions Monitoring

In competitive market place, Promotions can disrupt the dynamics the market quite quickly.Read More..

New Product Pre-launch Market Scan

Launching a new Product in competitive Market place? We understand your pain! Launching is a new product, Read More..

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility used to be a buzz word, it is slowly, but firmly now setting, Read More..

Demand Management

Relating to product demand before Sales actually takes place. Demand management is an, Read More..

Distributor Management

You have a large distribution network and just want to work out how much of your, Read More..

Partner Collabration

A key issue for Organizations has always been to support low cost, direct involvement of partners,Read More..