Price Tracking

“Leading construction material brand saves 40% costs on pricing intelligence gathering processes...... ”

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Feild Work-Force Management

“KJS Cement achieves 30% improvement in field workforce productivity and 15% cost savings in field operations.... ”

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Consumer Buying Behavior.

“KJS Cement succeeds in premium brand positioning supported by streamlined consumer surveying processes.....”

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Service Enabling mainframe in eGovernment context:

As a large government organization delivering services to civilians, customer requirements were to build an Agile enterprise while leveraging investments made in the mainframe over several decades of development effort. A service enabling approach was introduced and implemented that is driving an agile organization where combination of BPM, EAI, B2B, SOA governance technologies are used with legacy modernization and mainframe productivity enhancing tools. The technology platforms involved are IBM z/OS, Natural/Adabas, webMethods technology stack.

Role: Our role has been to provide program management/delivery with technology consulting (Natural/Adabas and webMethods), client mentoring and advisory.

Government Vertical, Legacy
modernization and integration.

SOA Strategy in legacy context.

A large regulatory bank identified a need to support parallel but disjointed ongoing initiatives via a coherent architecture and scalable strategy while ensuring legacy (z/VSE mainframe) related integration constraints are overcome. A strategy consulting exercise provided a phased plan to build a coherent approach including technology people, skills and processes related initiatives to achieve desired goals.

Role: Advisory exercise via workshops, integration implementation and standards for Centre of Excellence establishment.

Mainframe integration in CICS/COBOL
context, webMethods

Corporate Banking Hub:

Large banking customer identified a need to establish a corporate banking hub that enables flexible (interact using any protocol- email, FTP, EDIINT AS2 etc), scalable (add any new message types or new payload standards for a given message type) and reliable/secure (payload encryption and signing, auto retries, once and only delivery, non repudiation) mechanism for interaction with a growing community of customers.

Role: Architectural leadership, design and implementation support.

Banking customer, B2B
with webMethods